onsdag 9. mai 2012

What doesn´t kill you..can still be an absolute nightmare.

Well hello, there! Long time, no see. Haven´t blogged in forever, because I haven´t run in forever. And that just sucks. It´s been a year, give or take a few days, and my foot is still a pain in the ass. (Figuratively speaking, I don´t have the foot up my ass.) What has happened since last time?

1. I went to the doctor. The doctor was very unhelpful.
2. I got some soles for my shoes, that was supposed to help. Didn´t really help that much.
3. Started studying physical therapi. Maybe in two years time I can fix myself.
4. Had three days of internship with a manual therapist. After the internship, I booked an examination with him. I was WAY more helpful than my doctor. I still need some new soles, it isn´t arthritis, but it´s not a quick fix either. I overpronate way too much on my right foot, so the 1. metatarsal bone is rotated, which is not good for the 1. metatarsophalangeal joint. It´s "gapping", and being rotated have caused some wear on the joint, and is causing pain and stiffness.

The picture don´t show the situation in my foot, but shows where the problem (and the pain) is located.
The manual therapist also showed me how to tape my foot, and gave some exercises to strengthen and stabilize the muscles in the medial longitudinal arch. Hope this helps, I really, REALLY want to start running again soon...

Other news: The Boyfriend proposed last summer. Being engaged is nice. Trying to plan a wedding, whilst studying and trying to plan building a house is...taxing. The wedding is scheduled to happen in July 2013, so I have plenty of time. I think...?

All happy and engaged, drinking champagne at a tiny island. A very happy, special day.

And just because he´s so pretty; here´s a photo of the dog:

And here´s a random photo of a frenchie, because he´s so friggin´ adorable:

I think I´ll start running again soon...

fredag 3. juni 2011

Wild Bird Flying

So I got tired of waiting for the foot to feel better. It's as good as it probably gonna get without seing a doctor, and THAT could take forever.

Back to square one. FML.

Ran home from work Wednesday night (Thursday). Got off at midnight, geared up, and set out with the Dog, not knowing at all what to expect. Set a high pace, but didn't care much. I just wanted to run as far as I could before the foot stopped me. Turns out I could run all the way home, nnice. It is a bit sore, perhaps, but I'm not feeling the pain I expected. Barefoot running will have to wait, though, as shifting the weight onto my toeballs sets off a searing pain. Oh well, as long as I get to run at all, I'm happy.


6 km - 35.16 min
Max speed: 12.6 - Avg speed: 10.2
Km splits: 05:44 - 05:42 - 06:14 - 06:18 - 05:54 - 05:20
Avg: 05:52

Not too shabby after not running for almost a month, I guess.

The best part of getting to run again was what it did to my mood. I felt so free, so happy, so incredibly good during the run, and I was sooo high on the runner's high the entire way. Why don't everybody run? It's UH-MAh-ZING!

fredag 20. mai 2011

WTF Foot??!!?

I want to shoot my foot. It's stupid, and hurts. It started hurting two and a half week ago. I took a week off, and it kept hurting. I ran 12 km, and it didn't hurt so much. But then, without any logical reason it went off again. Gaaaahhhh. So here I am, running once a week, and limping around the rest of the time. I'm not very happy right now.

I've bought myself a pair of Vibram Five-Finger shoes, and I can't even use them. I ran 600 meters with them last Friday (the man at Löplabbet told me with a "stern" voice to not run more than 500 meters with them until my quads are stronger), but I regretted it almost immediately, as it set off a searing pain.

I've been eating NSAIDs on and off for almost two weeks, and although it takes away the pain, my foot still feels sore and starts hurting again if I move around too much. Too bad I have to walk 8 km every time I'm at work...

The pain is located around the Adductor hallucis, but I don't know if it's muscular or something related to the tendons. I just hope it's not a fracture.

Of course I called the doctor to get an appointment. And of course I could get one...in June... Errrr, yeah right. I think I'll try next week, calling in early to see if someone's cancelled. Or I could run a lot, hoping it will make the pain serious enough to legitimate going to the ER...

onsdag 4. mai 2011

Let's Take Off All Our Clothes

...because that's just so typical Norwegian. It happens every Spring. It's late April, it's sunny and warm and the trees are getting green. Oh happy day, it's Summer! Then everybody throws away their clothes, and BAM!; we've all catched a cold. At least, this happens to me every year. After the beautiful run Friday, I was rewarding myself with a day on the cliffs, barbequeing and drinking white wine in my bikini. Oh yes; I'm very smart.

It was a very nice day, though..


Since it was almost a week since my last run, I went out today despite a running nose. Bad idea. It's the worst run I've had so far this year. I kept blowing my nose, and it didn't help. Not even a little.
I gave up after 4 painful kilometers and walked home. Best decision this week.

Week 10 - Wednesday

Let's just get it over with..
4 km - 25:27
Max speed: 12.1
Avg speed: 9.4 (...)

Km splits: 05:55 - 06:12 - 07:30 - 05:48
Avg: 06:21

07:30! !!! I haven't been this slow, like, EVER. Oh, the shame. I think I'm gonna drown my sorrows in a barrelful of candy. I'd rather have red wine, but the store is closing NOW, so that ain't gonna happen.

Can you see how much I enjoyed it today? Minus 100 % barely covers it

The run wasn't completely worthless; I found a new trail. Which makes it..almost worth it..

fredag 29. april 2011


Last week's somewhat creative icing. Need to buy myself a couple of bags of peas, Bratwurst is not doing the job satisfyingly.

I started this week being exhausted from working to much with too little sleep. The result was me sleeping Tuesday and half of Wednesday; so wasteful. At least I coaxed myself out on a run Wednesday; my bestfriend Sunniva was coming over to run with me, so I had to. Running dates are a smart thing, after all.

But she was late, so I ran a loop first with the Dog, and then a second with her. Was fun, though a little slow. I'm not good at running AND talking. Maybe I'm not so girly? (Everybody knows girls can do several things at the same time, and that boys can't.)

Week 9 (I think) - Wednesday

5.37 km - 31:47 min
Max speed: 13.1 - Avg. speed: 10.1
Km splits: 05:54 - 06:00 - 06:14 - 05:53 - 05:32 - (02:12)
Avg: 05:54

Then with Sunniva:
5:01 km - 30:50 min
Max speed: 15.8 - Avg. speed: 9.7
Km splits: 06:16 - 06:31 - 05:56 - 06:16 - 05:44
Avg: 06:09

Total: 10.38 km
I had a small break (10 min) between the two, so I feel like it doesn't count as a long run. Bleh.
It's nice with company, but I do like running alone better.

Week 9 - Friday

Got off early from work today. And it was sunny and perfect temperatur for running in thights and tank top. My earphones are wacky, and that annoyed me to no end, but I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and I'm proud. Please do not insult my pride by pointing out how slow I am, KTNXBY.

15.04 km - 01:35
WOW! 15! !!!!!! Beware, 21 km mark, I'm comin' ta get ya!

Max speed: 11.6 - Avg. speed: 9.5
Km splits: 06:12 - 05:51 - 06:13 - 06:10 - 06:30 - 06:24 - 06:35 - 06:24 - 06:12 - 06:44 - 06:27 - 06:32 - 05:49 - 06:13 - 06:23
Avg: 06:18

Ran on Bygdøy, but didn't bring a camera other than the iPhone. It's a shame, because it was BEAUTIFUL.

The Dog, being all pretty as usual.

Blurry, on-the-run-photo.

The average isn't too shabby, I feel. This is the longest I've ever run, and I don't know how to pace myself. The Dog doesn't either. He pulled a little in the beginning, but not after my legs started to tire.

I also tried Maxim gel today. It tastes craptastic, and the feeling of it in my mouth and throat is horrendous. I washed it down with some water, and it actually stayed down. I think it helped, maybe that's why km 13 was the fastest, even though I was seriously tired and my feet had started aching.

Maxim Energy Gel. Bleh.

The Dog, too tired to move, for once. It didn't last long, though.

Now I'm off to celebrate the British Royal Wedding some more. I crave Catherine's dress, btw. SO. EFFING. PRETTY!

fredag 22. april 2011

Easter Shmeaster

No holidays for this working girl. All work and no play makes at least some money. And since I work back-to-back 12 or 13-hours shifts, it's not easy to fit in a run. My shins splints will probably thank me for the extra resting days, but I've recently started getting restless and fidgetty if it gets too many days between the runs (as in 2-3 days).

Week 8 - Tuesday

I geared up, grabbed the Dog and set out in the beautiful, warm weather. And before we had gotten more than little over a mile, he was limping slightly. It was nothing else to do but to walk him home and start over again. I only paused the Polar; I guess that is cheating considering the break I got, but I don't really care. I ran out on beautiful Bygdøy; I need to run there more often, but only when the mommy mafia isn't...

The Dog posing like a pro. Don't mind the birds, I was bored. They didn't catch anything at all, actually.

6.82 km - 42:25 min

Max speed: 11.3 - avg 9.6

Km splits: 05:59 - 06:10 - 06:00 - 06:21 - 06:15 - 06:27 - (05:11)

Avg km splits: 06:12

It was much harder to run without the Dog than I anticipated. Since I started running outdoors, I have always brought him, just because my heart tears up over the fact that he has to spend the time I use on running mostly alone. And he could really use some exercise himself. I figured it wouldn't do so much harm, because he only pulls for the first km, and not very hard. The rest of the run, he keeps my pace, sometimes running beside me, and often stopping to sniff and pee at every lamppost in the world. But he must have pulled me more than I believed, because I struggled after only 3 km, and I finally gave up after what I thought was only 6 km, but was really almost 7. Had I known, I would have kept on for another 180 meters...

My plan was to run 10 km, and although I failed at that, I ran almost 7, and then walked 1.5 km to the bus. Good thing I didn't decide to walk the 5 km home, because it had started blowing whilst I was sheltered by the forest, and I had only a thin longsleeve on (it is after all only April).

A crappy run is better than no run.

And scuba diving certainly beats crappy running, and even a normal run. It does not, however, beat the best runs, between those it's a tie.

Tonight I started on my long strech of night shifts. Man, I don't like night shifts. I feel terrible the whole time, not sleeping well enough or long enough, and TMI-topic; my digestion system is all in an uproar. Bleurgh. But it brings money in the wallet, and I do need a second pair of running shoes. Don't ask, I really don't know. I blame it on the fact that it's 4.40 in the morning, and I'm almost going into comatose.

Summer, holidays, wine, the Boyfriend - my favourite things in the world - though not necessarily in that order...

fredag 15. april 2011

Reaching a Goal While Missing It

First things first. I ran home from work Monday. As in Monday morning, after working a 11-hour nightshift. Props to me!

Week 7 - Monday

5.86 km - 33:13 min

Laps: 05.57 - 05:48 - 05:51 -05:43 - 05:35 (-04:18)
Max speed: 13.1 - avg speed: 10.6

Ran almost the same route as I use to, but cut out a portion of it. I felt fast (although I'm really not). This morning, as I was homeward bound instead of the other way around, I ran downhill. I think that's why the km splits are faster than they normally are. Oh well, I'm happy.

Moving on. I had a second run Thursday. BEFORE work. As in I got up at 5.45, was headed to work at 6 and on the treadmill at 6.30. I didn't have much time, so I only ran 3 km, but the fact that I actually managed to squeeze in a run that early is enough to celebrate.

Week 7 - Thursday

3.40 km - 19:16 min

Laps: 06:18 - 05:34 - 05:28 -01:55
Max speed: 13.3 - Avg speed 10.6

Was seriously delirious at this point, so I dont't think there's that much to say, other than that I had a faboulous runner's high.
Tired, me? This picture is taken before the run, can you tell?

Week 7 - Friday

At work I discovered a half marathon that is in June, at Beitostølen, and all of a sudden I was all in a frenzy. I wanted to run. Like, now. And far. It lasted until I got home, and then it met some resistance. The boyfriend tried to lure me into staying on the couch with a glass of wine, and it was sooo tempting. I conquered the couch potato in me, and geared up. The dog of course went along.

I had planned on a route that would take me longer than I normally run, but with options of quitting if my shin splints were killing me. I ended up running longer than I had planned. I kept saying: Maybe I can run 10km? I was getting there, adding extra loops to add kilometers. Then I had to stop to redo my shoelaces, and I paused the Polar. When I started again, I realised that I had actually managed to turn it off completely. FML. I started a new workout, without checking how far I'd actually run. So I ran another 5 km, and thought I had managed 10 km.

I was wrong....

Week 7 - Friday
All set and ready to go. Especially the Dog. All the pictures of me are fugly, all the pictures of the Dog are all angels and rainbows and unicorns. Life's unfair.

(I had to do some maths here..)
First part:
4:38 km - 26:30
Splits: 05:42 - 06:11 - 06:17 - 05:55 (-02:24)
Avg split: 06:01
Max speed: 12.1 - Avg speed: 9.9

Second part:
5:37 km - 31:40 min
Splits: 06:02 - 06:05 - 06:01 - 05:49 - 05:40 (-02:00)
Avg split: 05.55
Max speed: 13.8 - Avg speed: 10.2

Total km: 9.75..... So very, very bittersweet. It's by far the longest run in my life, and sooo close to the round number 10...

I was quite disappointed, but still so energetic and happy, so it didn't matter that much. At least now I know I can actually do it.I still got wine, though, after the run. Wine + ice = killer combo. A very happy girl at this point.Too much wine?

Very pretty dog. I was rolling sore muscles with a tennis ball, that is never popular. All tennis balls hail Mr.Darcy. End of story.

Ooh, very long post. Got to go drink more wine.